来源:   日期:2021-05-28


1. For the theme of the design, a detailed review should be made on the printing method, page size, the subject matter of the printed matter, the paper or the color number of the printed matter, so as to make the production process go online smoothly and complete the exquisite color page production.
2. The design and production of color pages is based on the printing planning for the compilation, design and typesetting of documents, which is the pre work procedure for the production of manuscript. At the same time, it also needs to lay out the photography and the drawing of illustrations, and coordinate the itinerary layout of the production room with the manufacturers, so as to make the various elements detailed.
According to the first draft of layout planning, the paper, photos and illustrations, accurate location and accurate color mark, etc. should be arranged on the off paper or processed in the form of electronic manuscript, and the special requirements of the special requirements of plate making should be clearly indicated, which is the front work of plate making.
3,彩页印刷的制片输出与制版功课彩页案牍完成进入制版后,图片以电子分色机扫描分色,文字、线条以黑白 相机拍照,冲出准确的过网数,并将文字、插图等按照脱稿上之指示拼版,然后进行晒版功课,接着印出彩色打样送回设计者的手中进行校对。
3. The production output of color page printing and plate making homework. After the color page files are finished, the pictures are scanned and separated by an electronic color separator, and the words and lines are photographed by a black-and-white camera to get the accurate number of screen crossing. The words and illustrations are assembled according to the instructions on the manuscript, and then the printing homework is carried out, and then the color proofing is printed and sent back to the designer for proofreading.
4. The key step before and after proofing of color page printing is to check whether the color proofing is in line with the procedures indicated on the manuscript, and accurately convey it to the plate making staff, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.
5. In the course of color page printing, the corrected four-color screen is converted into a printing plate and sent to the printing machine for printing.
6. The Postpress processing of color page printing, flat sheet printing uses cutting, pressing line, folding, gluing, etc; As for brochures, product catalogues, company color pages and the next process of printed matter binding, it depends on the number of pages, the type of paper used, the degree of delicacy and the way of use.