来源:   日期:2020-11-24


With the increasing demand for hand bags, we also put forward higher requirements for the quality of hand bags, and the printing price of handbags is also increasing accordingly. The printing factory should control the cost and obtain a certain profit, while the customers should control the printing price of handbag to keep the budget basically flat.
In this case, only by seeking transformation and improving efficiency can the printing plant base on the market and attract customers.
In order to control the printing price of the handbag, the manufacturer should not only design the size and specification of the handbag reasonably, but also ensure the high die cutting accuracy and folding paste box precision of the handbag. In terms of equipment, it is necessary to continuously improve the automation degree of the equipment, regular maintenance and inspection, ensure its high-speed operation, and improve the quantity and quality of bag printing.
The material of the bag determines the printing price of the bag
In today's advocacy of green environmental protection, the selection of bag material should follow the trend. In addition to traditional paper bags, non-woven bags can also be used. Although it will lead to a slightly higher printing price of handbags, considering its environmental protection, air permeability, moisture resistance, flexibility, recyclability, light weight, non-toxic and non stimulation, non-woven bag is favored by customers nowadays. Because it is different from paper bag printing mode, in order to control the printing price of handbag, it is necessary to adjust the design from flexibility, beauty and other aspects, and use non-toxic and tasteless environmental protection ink printing to highlight the green environmental protection characteristics.
In addition, to control the price of handbag printing, choose printing companies like Jinding. Because these well-known companies have a certain strength foundation, all of their raw materials are made and produced by the manufacturers themselves, which greatly reduces the transportation cost and material loss cost, and the price of handbag printing is also superior to other companies in the same industry. In addition, the production process is perfect, quality service is good, of course, many customers choose.