来源:   日期:2020-11-03


The role of album in the promotion and promotion of many enterprises can not be ignored. Through printing album, users can know what you are doing and can clearly define the enterprise's positioning. Therefore, high-end album is also an embodiment of the strength of an enterprise and brand. Printing companies pay more and more attention to the high-end album. However, the printing price of picture album is often the most concerned by many business personnel Complaint quotation is difficult, after the quotation, the customer disappeared. In view of this problem, Jinan printing factory will tell you some quotation skills today.
1. Can't report too fast

If the quotation is too fast, it can only become a cannon for customers to ask about the price. I wonder if you have this feeling. If you don't have a few words with the customer when they ask about printing a certain kind of product, the customer is eager to ask the price, and then we offer the price, and then basically there is no news. It is a general rule that the seller wants to conclude the transaction at a higher price, while the buyer expects to cooperate at a lower price. This is a general rule, which exists in any field of negotiation. Although it sounds easy, it is not easy to achieve both parties' satisfaction in the actual negotiation and ultimately achieve a win-win situation. It requires your negotiation skills and courage, especially when making the first quotation for album printing.
2. Commodity details
In fact, consumers are very concerned about the details when choosing goods, and many business cooperation shows its success in details. The price of materials, the price of paper, the price of printing, the price of post-processing and the price of transportation should be indicated in the quotation of picture book printing, so as to persuade consumers.
3. You can't ask too much
Album printing can quickly let the product leap into the eyes of customers. The exquisite album can make the customer have an impulse to keep it. Therefore, it is usually said that if you catch the first eye of the customer, the cooperation will be half successful. However, the service details are also very important. The reasonable quotation of the album printing brush can move the customers with a sincere attitude and make the customers make up their minds. Therefore, both products and services, printing companies must grasp both, so as to attract more repeat customers.