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The printing of album includes a lot of technology, especially the cover printing of picture album. There is no way to describe how an enterprise's album can better let customers know the strength of its company. In addition to its own strength, it is the company's album's direct publicity to the outside world. Similarly, for a printing factory, how to better satisfy customers, the key to printing is not only the need Attention should be paid to the details, more to the printing process.
Selection of cover materials for Jinan album printing
There are many kinds of cover materials, and all kinds of new materials are still emerging. In addition to coated paper, dermatoglyphic paper and gelatinized paper, high-grade detection systems and instruments are commonly used, such as binding linen, satin cloth, flannel cloth, color soldering paper, etc.
Size specification of cover paper for Jinan album printing
Whether it is coated paper or textured paper, white samples should be made before printing to determine the medium diameter size. According to the process requirements, the printing plate disc should be printed, and the pitch diameter size, book slot size and edge color position (generally 15mm) should be marked in mm. According to experience, the cover of the ordinary vertical 16 open square back hardcover album is unfolded in four directions; the front cover of the regular 12 opening is unfolded in the form of 6; and the cover of the large 12 opening is unfolded in the form of 3.
The cover printing of Jinan album has its own characteristics
Cover printing can be combined with offset printing, screen printing and other printing methods. Ordinary hardback book covers are mostly made of 128G / m2 or 157G / m2 coated paper for four or five color offset printing, and then mounted with a certain thickness of gray paperboard after surface finishing treatment; middle grade book covers mostly use art paper for monochrome Offset printing of graphic content, such as address, telephone number, logo and company name CTF, and then do some special processing; some high-end hardback book covers also use imported special offset printing The fabric is printed and then framed. More specifically, some covers are printed with white ink or colored ink on special art paper or cloth to increase the texture effect. Special printing effect on the cover.
Jinan printing factory only details in place, and then in accordance with the strict printing production process to produce, I believe that the printed album will definitely get the customer's praise!!