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The design and production of picture books are less complicated than books. After all, from the perspective of purpose, the commercial nature of picture books is stronger than that of books. Therefore, the main function of the album is to publicize the brand and products. It will change the contents of the album with the updating of the brand and products.
And the binding method is basically made in paperback. After all, the printing cost is low, and the acceptance of Party A is also high. Of course, there will also be Party A who is willing to spend money to customize more exquisite and high-end picture books. Now let's take a look at what page content is needed to design an album. I believe the following summary is very friendly for those who have not been in touch with album design. If you like, please remember to forward and share!
01 front and back cover
The first is the front cover and the back cover. The front cover mainly includes the name of the album, the brand logo and the company name, while the back cover is generally the contact information, which is also the information most enterprises need to display.
02 ring lining
Then there is the ring lining page. The ring lining page generally places the logo, slogan, or even the copy content of the company profile and directory.
03 title page
Then there is the title page, which will put some messages from leaders or enterprises, just like the preface. Of course, there are also albums that do not need a foreword, but directly go to the contents page or the contents page.
04 contents page
Directory page can play the function of retrieving picture books, and is generally based on concise layout. However, not all picture albums need a catalog. If there is more content, you need a catalog to help you look through the picture albums. About the layout of the table of contents page, there are several styles for reference.
★ 常规排列:
Conventional arrangement:
Directory design should not be too fancy, through the column will be directory information in turn, we need to pay attention to the logic of information and primary and secondary relations, as well as the use of white space. This conventional layout is also the most common directory approach.
★ 放大数字:
Digital amplification:
If we want to make the layout more flexible, we can design from the page numbers to distinguish information in the form of enlarged numbers or bold contrast, so as to improve the jump rate and level sense of the picture.
★ 运用色块:
Use color block:
Or combined with color block to form surface. Color block can not only fill the holes in the layout, but also distinguish the prominent role.
★ 线的使用:
Use of cable:
The main functions of "line" in layout are: emphasis, clear separation, visual guidance and rich pictures. In a sense, layout design is a game of points, lines and surfaces. Adding lines appropriately will not only make the layout no longer monotonous, but also make it energetic and fashionable, which will make your design more valuable. The use of line in the screen, both functional and aesthetic, but do not add lines to the layout.
Chapter page
If a picture album contains many columns with more content, we need to distinguish the contents of different columns through chapter pages, which is more convenient to read and improve the communication degree of information.
So the chapter page can use color to distinguish content, such as monochrome or gradient color, combined with serial number, chapter title introduction, or representative, or even try to create an attractive font or graphics, can also bring a new visual effect to the chapter page, at least give customers the feeling of thinking and design.
06 content page
Then the layout of the content page should also consider the amount of information. In the case of more information, you can use the grid to divide the information area and leave some white space appropriately; Less information needs to use images, graphics, or color blocks to improve the layout rate and plate rate, try to make the monotonous picture more flexible.
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