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Four color printing
1. 所谓四色即:青(C)、品红(M)、黄(Y)、黑(K)四种油墨,所有颜色都可以通过这四种油墨混合而成,终实现彩色图文。
1. The so-called four colors are: cyan (c), magenta (m), yellow (y) and black (k). All colors can be mixed by these four kinds of inks to achieve color graphics.
2. 普通也是常见的印刷,不同承印物上印出的效果不同。
2. Ordinary printing is also common. The effect of printing on different substrates is different.
Spot color printing
1. 专色印刷是指在印刷时专门用一种特殊的油墨来印刷该颜色,比四色混合出的颜色更鲜亮。常用的是专金,专银。
1. Spot color printing refers to printing the color with a special ink, which is brighter than the color mixed by four colors. The most commonly used are special gold and special silver.
2. 专色颜色很多,参考潘通色卡,专色无法实现渐变印刷,有需要则加入四色印刷。
2. There are many spot colors. Referring to Pantone color card, spot color can't realize gradient printing. If necessary, add four-color printing.
Polish glue
1. 印刷后,以透明塑料薄膜通过热压覆贴到印刷品表面,起保护及增加光泽的作用,表面光亮。
1. After printing, the transparent plastic film is pasted on the surface of the printed matter by hot pressing to protect and increase the luster, and the surface is bright.
2. 纸盒表面处理基本工艺。类似的还有过光油,但是过胶能增强纸张的硬度和抗拉性能。
2. Basic technology of carton surface treatment. There is also a similar polish, but the glue can enhance the hardness and tensile properties of the paper.
Super dumb glue
1. 印刷后,以透明塑料薄膜通过热压覆贴到印刷品表面,起保护及增加光泽的作用,表面哑光,见下图。
1. After printing, the transparent plastic film is pasted on the surface of the printed matter by hot pressing to protect and increase the luster. The surface is matte, as shown in the figure below.
2. 纸盒表面处理基本工艺,类似的还有过光油,但是过胶能增强纸张的硬度和抗拉性能。
2. The basic technology of carton surface treatment, similar to the polish oil, but the glue can enhance the paper hardness and tensile properties.
Over UV
1. 印刷品需要突出的部位进行局部上光提亮,使局部图案更有立体效果。
1. Highlight the parts of the printed matter to make the local pattern more three-dimensional.
2. 配合过哑胶工艺印制,过光胶时没有效果。
2. With the process of printing, there is no effect in the process of printing.
Hot stamping
1. 烫印是利用热压转移的原理,将电化铝中的铝层转印到承印物表面以形成特殊的金属光泽效果。
1. Hot stamping is to use the principle of hot press transfer to transfer the aluminum layer of anodized aluminum to the substrate surface to form a special metallic luster effect.
2. 印原料有金、银、红、绿、蓝等各个颜色,但是烫印只能是单色,颜色种类繁多,但不是什么颜色市场都有。
2. Printing materials are gold, silver, red, green, blue and other colors, but hot stamping can only be monochrome, a wide range of colors, but not all colors are available in the market.
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