来源:   日期:2020-12-22


  Dislocation refers to the staggering position of the front of each page, showing that the content of some different pages is different. In general, slight dislocation is hard to see by naked eyes, but even slight dislocation can be easily seen if there is a mosaic picture album. Therefore, it is required to pay great attention to prevent dislocation when printing the album. Secondly, the printing factory will also tell customers in advance to minimize the use of splicing diagram, after all, it is not difficult to avoid slight deviation of precision instruments.
  This is not a recent customer has encountered such a problem, a picture album used in two mosaics. And it's still a picture book with horse nails. As a result, when the picture book was printed, it encountered serious dislocation. Almost no alignment, more or less there are some dislocation. When the editor saw the album, he saw the problem. The biggest problem was that the album was not folded correctly when it was printed. The resulting cover page is misplaced, and the improvement method is very simple. The original 8 fold incision is divided into half fold, so that there will be no dislocation in the fold.
  Such misplaced and obvious picture albums are completely ineffective in publicity, but will have a negative effect. Finally, the customer can only remove the nail to reprint a few pages, and then cover the pages for rebinding. Not only wasted the cost but also wasted the time. The above is about the harm analysis of the picture album printing dislocation, hoping to help you. If you need album printing, please contact Jinan album design printing.