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1、 About handbags
From bag packaging to bag printing to use, it not only provides convenience for shoppers, but also takes the opportunity to promote products or brands again. Even if the handbag is printed with striking trademark or advertisement, customers will be willing to reuse it. The handbag has become one of the advertising media with good quality and low price.
2、 Bag making materials
Usually used to make bags of materials are paper, non-woven fabrics, plastic three kinds. Among them, the paper type that paper bag can choose is coated paper, white cardboard and so on.
Coated paper is a popular material for making handbags, which is characterized by good printability. Due to the high whiteness and glossiness of coated paper, the printing assistant designer can boldly use all kinds of pictures and color blocks, and the advertising effect is good.
After coated with glossy or matte film on the surface of coated paper, it not only has moisture-proof and durable functions, but also appears more delicate. The fastness is moderate. If it needs to be matched with heavy package, 300g coated paper can be selected for printing.
The bag made of white cardboard is a kind of high-grade handbag, which is characterized by high strength. The strength of white cardboard bag is higher than that of all handbags, which is determined by the physical properties of white cardboard. Designers generally use this kind of handbag to hold high-grade clothing or goods.
Compared with the white board paper handbag, the white card paper handbag feels more delicate, so it is particularly elegant. After printing, the paper handbag can be formed by covering film or threading rope. Nylon rope, cotton rope or paper rope can be selected for the rope of the bag. If the size of the bag is large, the rivet should be reinforced at the rope hole to resist the tension.
3、 Knowledge of handbag design
The handbag plays an important role in expanding sales, establishing famous brand, stimulating purchasing desire and enhancing competitiveness. Generally speaking, the design of handbag should be simple and generous. The logo and name of the company should be taken as the main front, or the company's business philosophy should be added, which can deepen the consumers' impression on the enterprise's products and obtain good publicity effect. In addition, as the premise of the design and printing strategy of handbag, the establishment of corporate image plays an important role. Designers should embody the distinctive characteristics of enterprises in the design form of handbag, and avoid monotony.