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  In Jinan album printing, contrast medium is a common method of album design. Skillfully using the method of contrast can effectively increase the effect of album design, the original intention of album design will be more real, so how to use contrast in the printing design of Jinan album?
  First, scale comparison. Dimension relationship is one of the most valuable modeling elements, which can almost determine the relationship between image and harmony.
  Second, compared with those from God. In layout design and stage design, the relationship between the protagonist and supporting role is also very clear, and the audience's psychology will settle down. It shows that the master-slave technique is a very orthodox composition method, which can make people feel at ease. If the relationship between the two is vague, it will be confused. On the contrary, the protagonist will lose his feeling and become vulgar.
  The thicker the font, the more masculine it is. If it represents fashion and women, then it usually represents gorgeous words.
  4、 Contrast of light and shade. Yin and yang are compared with work, day and night, which can make people feel the relationship between light and shade in daily life. At first, a newborn baby only emits light and shadow visually. It can recognize simple black and white with dogs, cattle and other animals, but the color and hue are not easy to recognize. Therefore, light and dark (black and white) are the color of the most basic element.
  5、 Curve versus line. The curve is full of softness and ease. Straight line, full of strong feeling, strong masculinity. In nature, it is a mixture of the two. Usually we don't pay attention to this relationship, however, when the pressure curve or a linear shape, we have a deep impression and corresponding emotions. So we often remember to deepen the curve, use some straight lines to emphasize, it can also be said that a small number of linear curves are more eye-catching.
  6、 Location. Placing certain objects on both sides of the picture can not only emphasize, but also produce contrast. There are potential points on the top, bottom, left and right of the picture and the diagonal of the four corners. In this case, configure the picture, title or logo, symbol, etc. to show the hidden power. So the location and placement of the potential relationship in a plastic element show a contrast relationship, compact and pictorial.
  In ordinary people's daily life, the word "texture" may be rarely heard, but in art, texture is a very important modeling element.
  When we observe painters' works, we often pay attention to the color and composition of the surface. In fact, the main factor of texture determines people's work style. Although the color or object will change, the texture as the basis is the essence of artists and closely related, which is not easy to change. If it's easy for laymen to ignore this, it's actually the most important basic element, and it's also the most influential one on emotions.
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